As editor, writing coach and translator, I pride myself in helping writers and communicators polish their language and perfect their messages. I’m passionate about what I do and love assisting my clients in transforming their work into memorable and dynamic pieces. Some of my clients have called me their "writing best friend." Maybe I can be yours, too!



Whether you're writing an article for a blog, drafting a white paper for sales or policy, or working on your thesis or dissertation, I can help make your content captivate, inform, entertain and persuade.



My clients have called me their writing best friend, a writing and editing machine, a wordsmith and a grammar policewoman. There's a bit of truth in each. But none of these titles get in the way of my being mindful that this is YOUR work. Whatever changes I make have to articulate your spirit and voice.

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As your coach, I help you grow as a writer.  I love my long-term clients. However, while it's often hard to say goodbye, I get great satisfaction when clients no longer need me. They've gained the skills and confidence to go off on their own. In other words, I've done my job.

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I don't just translate words, I trans-create and shape your message to ensure that your intent, style, tone and context are true to YOU. Everything I translate must communicate clearly, accurately, in your voice, and to your target audience.




For several decades, I’ve served as writer, editor, translator and communication coach to corporations and non-profits, corporate and small business professionals, aspiring authors, educators and students. I love words, language and communication, and I use this passion to help my clients inform, inspire and entertain. 

Combined with my undergraduate degree in journalism at Boston University and graduate studies in linguistics at Georgetown University, my decades of work and play around the globe have provided a firm foundation in both written and spoken communication. And, my never-ending curiosity about people gives me an added gift in discerning the nuances and intricacies of communication at all levels.



I first started working with Corinne to help me edit some articles. Our relationship has grown far beyond that. She's been both writer and editor for me. She's been invaluable in helping me get my articles published and in getting publicity out on what I do. I wouldn't be where I am without her. ˜ G.C.

As Writer and Editor

I have been working for years with Corinne in preparation and publication of scientific works on legal subjects, particularly international issues of commercial and tax law. Corinne has supported me not only in questions of subject-specific English terms, but also as an active consultant and coach on various issues. I appreciate our cooperation very much. ˜ A.G.

As Translator & Writing Coach

As co-managing editor, Corinne was a dream come true. Line by exacting line, we edited hundreds of pages of text originating from a diverse multicultural content team, turning them into a concise and coherent series of books. … we learned from each other and connected through our common respect for clear writing and style. ~ L. Richardson

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