English is my mother tongue, but more importantly, I've worked in a variety of industries, so know the "lingo", and long ago lost track of how many years I've been keeping my clients happy as a translator.  

I translate from:

  • German to English and 

  • French to English

In collaboration with my native German-speaking business partner and husband, I also translate and transcreate from:

  • English to German.


As your localization expert, I give your writing a look and feel tailored to your specific target market, no matter the culture or location. 

Having traveled, lived and worked in many different countries and regions, I know all too well that there are “Englishes“. I apply that same sensibility to your texts when editing or proofreading for localization. I don’t only make sure your work is grammatically correct, I make sure that it aligns with your corporate or personal identity while accurately conveying your message to your specific audience.


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