Corinne, Your Writing Best Friend

My relevant professional background includes staff positions as a print and broadcast news, PR and marketing writer, curriculum developer and ESL teacher. I’ve freelanced for many years as writer, editor, translator and coach, and several years ago, I added helping native and non-native English-speaking students as an academic writing coach to my work passions.


My perceived non-relevant professional background includes staff positions as a corporate launch consultant, HR generalist and trainer; founder and program manager for Chrysalis Project South Africa, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational support to disadvantaged children and young adults; and, one of my first jobs ever was working in an assembly line putting little metal caps on fuses. I, personally, don’t view any of these jobs a “non-relevant”.

For nearly 30 years, I was a quintessential globe-trotter. In addition to having traveled throughout Europe and parts of North American, Asia and Africa, as of last count, I’ve worked in 13 countries (U.S., France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, U.K., Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Czechoslovakia and Poland). Among the places I've called home (which means at least several years) are the U.S., France, Germany, Austria, and South Africa -- and for a shorter period, in what is now the Czech Republic. I've always made efforts to immerse myself as best as possible in my host country cultures.

English is my native language and I’m fluent in French, have a working knowledge of German and, spurred by my ancestry, some notions of Japanese. Oh, I’m also fascinated by the beauty of ASL (American Sign Language) and am a beginner learner.

After returning to the States in 2016 with my husband and three four-legged kids, I decided to launch Benten Group — the umbrella company that Your Writing Best Friend falls under — where we specialize in ALL areas of communication.

I take great pride in helping my clients express their thoughts, ideas and feelings in order to succeed in work, life and, yes, love. I help people be heard and seen. In case it’s not yet clear, communication is my passion in all areas of my life.

I chose the banner image of me working at my computer, surrounded by my three dogs, Kazu, Fussel and Spike, because they represent to me the support, loyalty and enthusiasm with which I try to approach my clients’ needs.



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